Coaching is focused on your personal and professional development.


Its goal is to support you in your future plans by strengthening your self-management, identification and implementation of necessary skill sets and providing you with action strategies to achieve your goals.


As a coach, I work with individuals as well as teams. 


Berufliches und privates Coaching Hamburg Seevetal Buchholz in der Nordheide Harburg

Common Subjects for Coaching:


  • Stengthening of resources and self-motivation

  • Development of vision and goals
  • Career planning
  • Leadership issues and management style
  • Brainstorming and decision-making
  • Work-Life-Balance / burnout prevention
  • Conflict management in personal or professional contexts
  • Increasing personal competencies
  • overcoming  mental/performance blockages
  • Preparation and support in times of professional or private changes. 




During a telephone conversation preceding the actual coaching, we will discuss your goal and what you are looking for in coaching. 


Subsequently, we will schedule coaching sessions according to your needs and availability, for example regular sessions on a weekly or monthly basis or single appointments prior to difficult meetings you are facing etc. 


Occassionally, one longer coaching session may enable you to gain clarity regarding the specific matter you are struggling with or enhance your self-development.